Friday, June 14, 2013

CT'd kit by KizzedByKelz, PTU: Ocean Blues

Kit by KizzedByKelz, PTU: Ocean Blue
Tube by Alex Prihodko
Both can be found at
CT/Tut/Cluster by MissieDawn

Tut is only for profile tag:
blank canvas 800x800
2 different tags
2 different papers
Tube of choice
Elements Used:
Jelly fish

Open blank canvas
Open mask of choice
Open paper-bg01 and merge
Open mask of choice
Open paper 17 and merge
Place one mask on first fixed up mask on canvas, then the other
Open tube of choice
Open frame 4 and place
Make duplicate of tube and use eraser to clean off the image from the frame and outside of frame
Open and place jelly fish where you want it
Open and place dolphin where you want it
Font used for copy write "Adorable"
Font used for name "Argor Flahm Scaqh"
Resize and Save

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