Saturday, June 8, 2013

Made with Jenny's FTU: Carla's Purple Passion

Kit used by Jenny, FTU: Carla's Purple Passion -
Tube used by Barbara Jensen -
CT by MissieDawn

Blank canvas 800x800
Mask of choice
Paper of choice and merge with mask, and move to blank canvas
Tube of choice 
Elements used: 

Open blank canvas 800x800
Open mask of choice
Open paper2 and merge with mask, then add to blank canvas
Open butterflydoodle and place in centered in the canvas
Open tube of choice, i used Barbara Jensons tube 25-1 (color with desired layers)
Open birdhouse and place in upper right hand corner
Open bird and place in front of birdhouse in the upper right hand corner (like its perched)
Open dog and place next to the tube of choice
Copy write in font "microsoft himalaya"
Name in font "night sky"
Resize to 450x450
Save file
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