Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ct/Tut for Jane721, PTU: Warrior Tamara

Posesr by Jane721, PTU: Warrior Tamara, and can be found at Pics for Deisgn
Jane's blog is here.
Kit by Amy Marie, PTU: Spring Brownie and can be found at Amy's Store

Blank canvas 800x800
Mask of choice
Paper of choice
Tube/Poser of choice

Elements used:
1 light tall grass
2 dark tall grass
9 flowers (by tree)
16 tree trunk
15 rocks
18 lake
24 grass
23 leaf grass
66 mushrooms

Open blank canvas 800x800
Open mask of choice and paper of choice and merge together and place on the blank canvas
Place the tree truck, element 16, to the left of screen but not all the way at the bottom
Place your light grass, element 1 towards the right of the tag
Place your dark grass, element 2 towards the left of the tag
Take your lake, element 18 and place it where desired
Use your grass, element 24 and place all around the lake and tree, you might have to move layers around     some til its how you want it
Take your leaf grass, element 23 and place near the bottom on top of the grass
Take your flowers, element 9 and place by the tree trunk
Place your mushrooms to the left bottom of the tree trunk, use eraser to get rid of any of the stem you might not want
Place your rocks where desired, i put them near the back side of the lake on the grass
Add copy right in your desired font
Add name in your desired font
Resize and save

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