Thursday, November 7, 2013

CT'd for Heather's Devine Dezigns: PTU: Musical Elegance

Kit is by Heather's Devine Dezigns, PTU: Musical Elegance
and a direct link to her kits is here. You can find extrass on her blog, which is here.
Tube by Alex Phihodko and can b found at PicsForDesign
Ct/Tut by Missie's Stormy Creationz


Blank canvas 800x800
Paper of choice
Mask of choice
Tube of choice

Elements used:
el 44 black leafs
el 84 frame
el 20 panio keys
el 28 record w/string
el 52 music notes
el 24 lips

Open blank canvas 800x800
Open mask and paper of choice and merge together, resize if needed and add to your blank canvas

(The way i am going to tell you how to do this one, you will have to move placement of elements, a small change but something everyone needs to learn how to do. First look at your little window to the right that has all your layers, to move them up or down on a page, you click, grab and move up or down and drop where you want it. Easy and simple :). This way, if you want one element above or below what i have done, you know how to do it. Eraser tool is your friend also, please do not forget that.)

Open and place el 84 frame, resized to 800x800
Open and place el 44 black leafs, rezied to 600x642 (remember this is under the frame and you can use the eraser to take off any coming out of the frame
Open and place el 20 panio keys, resized to 650x650 and placed behind the frame
Open and place el 28 record w/string, resize to 151x400 (make it look like its hanging on the corner, use eraser if needed, or you could duplicate element and erase a copy above but either way is fine.
Open and place el 52 music notes, resize to 775x558 and place below frame wherever you feel it fits good
Open and place el 24 lips, resize to 125x125 and rotate horizontal and place at the bottom left of the frame.
Open and place tube of choice, resize and place behind the frame where desired.
Font for Name : "Chocolate Latte
Copy Right : "Calibri"
Resize and save

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