Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CT/Tut for Janes Free Posers, FTU: Black Beauty

Poser is by Jane, FTU: Black Beauty and 
can be found at DazStudioDesigns.
Kit is by Amy Marie, PTU: Lost Angel 
and can be found at Amy Marie's Kits

mask of choice
paper of choice (i used paper 6)

Elements used:
8 skull (x2)
12 black rose (x9)
39 pebbles
51 blue rose (x9)
68 tree
70 grass (x2)
81 heart with wings
85 spider web

Assembly of tag:
Open blank canvas 800x800
Open paper and mask of choice, merge together
Place 12-black rose 9 times in a circle
Place 51-blue rose 9 times between the black roses
Open 70-grass and place behind the frames toward the left, copy and mirror so it goes 
on the right side (inside of frame)
Open 68-tree, resize and place behind the frames, between the 2 grasses
Open then mirror 85-web and place behind the frame but on top of the grass and trees
Place 39-pebbles under the frame and to where it is at the bottom
Open 81-heart with wings, and resize to desired size and place behind the frame
Open and resize 8-skill, copy and mirror. Place under the blue roses but on top of the black ones
Add name and copy right in desired font
Resize and save!!

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