Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kit by Drama Bomb Designs, PTU: Hot Tropics

Kit is by Drama Bomb Designs, 
PTU: Hot Tropic
It can be found at Pics For Design 
and at Spazzd Art.
Tut below tag.
800x800 blank canvas
Mask of choice
Paper of choice (i chose Paper 23)

Elements used: 
El 14 Shell
El 115 Shells
El 41 School of fish
El 28 Glassy fish
El 27 Flower
El 92 Set of flowers
El 79 White coral
El 87 Anchor
El 86 Octa
El 71 Bubbles
El 74 Peach coral
El 59 Whater Splash
El 49 Seaweed
El 52 Tall grass

NOTE: All elements are resized to desired size!!!

Open blank canvas 800x800.
Open mask and paper of choice and merge, then add to blank canvas
Open el 52 and add to bottom left
Open el 49 and place to the bottom right
Open el 59 and place in the center of the canvas (maybe a little to the right)
Open el 74 and place in the lower left corner 
Open el 71 and place to the right side but on the mask still
Open el 86 and add octa to the right center
Open el 87 and rotate 15* and place to the bottom left
Open el 79 and place in the bottom almost center
Open el 92 and place in the bottom right
Open el 28 and place in the water area to the upper right
Open el 41 and place to the middle left 
Open el 27 and place in bottom left 
Open el 115 and place shalls on bottom left
Open el 14 and place bottom right

Basically think of underwater or fish tank.

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