Friday, August 2, 2013

CT'd for Jenny's Designz, PTU: Fall Dreams

Kit by Jenny's Designz, PTU: Fall Dreams

Tube of Verymany, PTU: Steampunk

This kit is universal with many tubes. Any fall colors and its perfect. I love this kit!!!

This tut is not going to be easy, I used many leafs and many times but I am going to try this.

Blank Canvas 800x800
Tube of choice

Elements used:
Bush x3
Leaf4 x3
Leaf2 x4
Leaf3 x5
Leaf1 xalot
Leafs x3
Flower Splash

Open a leaf element, do one of these at a time. Use the eraser to take the stem off of it. Resize smaller (to whatever size you like best) and place here and there on your canvas at the bottom of the page. Do this over and over with the different leafs you want to use in your design. I used alot as you can tell. You can rotate and place them as well (I did).

Now take your clock and resize to fit your canvas the way you like how it looks Then place the flower splash (sized to fit bottom half of the clock). Add your kittie and your tube where desired.

Then take Leafs and place above the tube and kittie some so it looks like they are in the leafs some.

Copy write font is "Adorable"
Font for name at this point I forgot, but i went threw alot, its kinda universal :) Alot go with it!!!
Resize and save!
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