Sunday, August 4, 2013

CT'd for Bratty Designz, PTU: Biker Babe

Kit used by Bratty Designz, PTU: Biker Babe
This kit is full of dark grays and black :) many tubes can go with it.

Tube used by Arthur Crowe,

Blank Canvas
Tube of choice

Elements used:
Dark clouds x2
Flower Stem1 x2

Open blank canvas, add paper P_12.
Open dark clouds and place where desired. (rotated horizontal and placed the 2nd one)
Open and place highway in the middle of the tag near the bottom
Open tree and add one on each side of the highway
Add desired tube but place accordingly if you are going to use the frame
Open frame6 and place on your cavas to border your tag
Open and place flower stem1 on each side of frame (rotated horizontal and placed 2nd one)
Font of copy write is "Adorable"
Font of name is whatever you choose :)
Resize and save!
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