Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ct'd for Bratty Dezinez, PTU: Sweet Fall

Kit by Bratty Dezinez, PTU: Sweet Fall
Tube by Exclusive,
CT/Tut by MissieDawn,

Poser by Jane's Free Posers,
(is inside the kit)

Blank canvas 800x800
Paper of choice (i used P_4
Mask of choice (i used one i made)
Tube of choice

Elements used:
Grass (x2)

Open blank canvas 800x800
Open mask of choice and paper of choice and merge together into one. Keep the background (the black)
Open Tree and place towards the bottom lefft (but do not go over the mask into the black much (with all elements for this part)
Open flower_2 and rezise and place in the upper right hand corner.
Open grass and put one on each side of the masked image
Open butterfly and place where desired
Open and place the vines where desired, i put them to the middle right of the tag
Open and place where desired the tube of choice and place to the middle left (so you can see the vines good still)
Copy right font is "Aparajita"
Name font is "Gabriola"
Resize and save.

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