Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ct'd for KizzedByKelz, PTU: Steampunkin Roxy

Kit by KizzedByKelz, PTU: Steampunkin Roxy
Tube by Verymany, and both can be found at
CT/Tut by MissieDawn,

Blank canvas 800x800
Mask of choice (i used one i made)
Paper of choice (i used KBKSRP8 2 times, one for mask and one for background of the frame)
Tube of choice (i used steampunk by verymany)

Elements used:
KBKSR1  -chest
KBKSR2  -bird

Open blank canvas
Open mask of choice and paper KBKSRP8 and merge together and place on blank canvas (resize if needed)
Open KBKSRP8 and resize down and place on canvas where desired
Open KBKSR27 and place on top of the background you just placed
Use the eraser tool and remove any unwanted parts of the background around the outside of the frame
Place tube and move it behind the frame
Dupe the tube and place it above the frame
Use eraser tool again and remove any of the tube you do not want (i removed the parts at the bottom)
Open KBKSR1 and place in the empty space to the bottom left of the frame itself
Open KBKSR53 and place between the gears and the chest you just placed
Copy right font "Gabriola"
Name font "Jo_Wrote_A_Lovesong"
Resize and save!

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