Friday, October 4, 2013

Ct/Tut for KizzedByKelz, PTU: Welcome To My Nightmare

Kit by KizzedByKelz, PTU: Welcome To My Nightmare
Can be found at Pics for Design
Tube by KiwiFireStorm, and can be found at The PSP Project
Blank canvas 800x800
Paper of choice (I used Paper 12)
Tube of choice

Elements Used: 
Blood spatter 2
Bloody hand print
Blood moon

Open blank canvas 800x800
Open background and place it on canvas
Open frame2 and pace centered on canvas so you have space above and blow unused. Use eraser tool if you need to take some of the background off
Open clouds and place in the upper part of your canvas under your frame
Open bloody hand print, resize and place at the upper right of the canvas
Open crows and place towards the right of your canvas so the left part of it is kinda in the center
Open blood moon and resize to desired size, and place in the upper left hand corner
Open house and resize if desired and place in the lower left of the canvas
Open flame2 and place it over house
Use your font to make the "freddy song" and type it centered. Place in the upper left hand corner of the frame
Open claw and resize and place where desired along the bottom of the frame, so it looks like its clawing it
Open a font and type "my nightmare" and place above/over the frame where desired
Open and place tube of choice
Use font for the name as well so they are matching
Typing Wordart Font is "Nightmare 5"
Resize and save!

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